When I was asked to tell the story of Conceria M2 I tried to remember important and significant dates since 1974 when two friends, Ademaro and Ferdinando, opened a small laboratory in Santa Croce sull’Arno that evolved and became big and modern day by day.

If I were to define our history, I would compare to a long run, with some obstacles and many challenges that began many years ago in a small laboratory with the feeling that where we arrived it is never enough. Today, it’s not enough to know how to do something, all of us at M2 have a wonderful obsession, doing the best.

Our history is just a theater of memories, people and feelings. All the emotions we have experienced in these years are the basis of our constant development and our evolutionary progress. Our company grows, evolves, expands, but our commitment remains to maintain a dynamic working environment that looks at tradition and at the same time as the present world, multiethnic and in continuous evolution.

The quality of our items, appreciated by brands and fashion designers, allowed us to reach different international markets, from Europe to Southeast Asia and America, keeping the heart of our company in Santa Croce Sull’Arno, where time adds experience and abilities day by day.

Luca Masoni